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Dear readers,
Summiteer, sculptor of his environment, job hopper, comrade – Philip Rosenthal was a multi-faceted, talented and charismatic person. He climbed the highest mountains. He drove a VW Bus and flew a plane. He loved good design. He discovered, promoted and commissioned the most creative minds. He was a smart business man and an enthusiastic politician. He was committed to his employees and allowed them to share in the company. Philip Rosenthal was a pioneer in the porcelain industry. With technical innovations, state-of-the-art production facilities and contemporary products, he transformed his father‘s porcelain factory into an international company for sophisticated tableware and home decor. The studioline he developed marked a turning point in product development in the 1960s. For long before design was en vogue, the company was collaborating with contemporary artists, architects and designers – the likes of Otto Piene, Walter Gropius, Tapio Wirkkala and Angelo Mangiarotti, for example.

And how about today? Rosenthal has brought the precious legacy of Philip Rosenthal into the present day and is known for manufacturing innovative, ambitiously designed and superior-quality lifestyle products. The manufacturer, which is part of the Italian Sambonet Paderno Group, has a holistic approach: Rosenthal lays the table – with plates, cups and jugs. Rosenthal furnishes the home – with sofas, tables and chairs. Rosenthal creates a cosy ambience – with vases, textiles and accessories. Rosenthal tells the time – with wristwatches, wall clocks and table clocks.

We want to celebrate Philip Rosenthal on the occasion of his 100th birthday – through a series of stories and anecdotes, and with an anniversary collection bringing Rosenthal into the present and representing everything that was important to Philip Rosenthal: innovation, the joy of experimentation and good design.

Pierluigi Coppo
CEO Rosenthal GmbH