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Black, white, pink. Roro the piglet
strolls around in these colours.
[RORO Collection]

How cute! you want to cry out. His body is so round, his nose so distinct, his curly tail so tiny. Just a few details are enough for designer Sebastian Herkner to create a minimalistic pig out of a simple object. Available in three sizes, RORO can be a pleasant palm stone, a practical money box or simply an attractive decorative object. And not only that: RORO very nearly made architectural history. Once Philip Rosenthal's pet pig, the architect Walter Gropius designed a sty for the cute creature due to having lost a bet. Although this was never built, RORO has now been brought back to life in porcelain.

The characteristic nose is enough to recognise a pig in the object.

– Sebastian Herkner (*1981) is the shooting star of the German design scene – with award-winning designs that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. After studying product design at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, he began working freelance in 2006 and designs furniture, lighting and accessories for manufacturers such as Classicon, Moroso, Gubi and Pulpo. Sebastian Herkner also works as an interior and exhibition designer and is Art Director of the Czech label Verreum. For Rosenthal, he has designed the Collana, Falda and Domo vase series, the Mitis watch collection and the Meta wall hooks. He lives and works in Offenbach.


What a lucky pig,
you can say!
[Palazzo RORO]

Walter Gropius lost a bet with Philip Rosenthal, and so he had to build a sty for his lovely pet pig RORO. The architect set to work and produced a drawing of a Bauhaus-style sty and adjacent meadow where RORO could graze at his leisure. The new Palazzo RORO design has been modelled on precisely this drawing. Designed by Ewelina Wisniowska, it swirls over the porcelain surface of TAC, the iconic form of the founder of the Bauhaus movement. The designer has played with the gold rim by skilfully modifying it. The design has a very hand-drawn feel and gently trails downwards. Its polygonal structure is reminiscent of bales of straw and wire mesh fences. And the pig is not far from the drawing either: at one point he is happily sitting in the middle of the plate, then he cheerfully adorns the inside of a bowl. The chubby piglet RORO brings a smile to people‘s faces when they see him on the strong architectonic TAC range.

- 01 - Service plate 53cm

- 01 - Service plate 53cm

– 02 – Service plate 33 cm »RORO«

– 02 – Service plate 33 cm »RORO«

– 03 – Plate 16 cm

– 03 – Plate 16 cm

– 04 – Plate 16 cm »RORO«

– 04 – Plate 16 cm »RORO«

– 05 –   Bowl 14 cm  »RORO«

– 05 – Bowl 14 cm »RORO«

– 06 – Sambonet  H–Art gold

– 06 – Sambonet H–Art gold

– 07 –   Bowl 35 cm »RORO«

– 07 – Bowl 35 cm »RORO«

– 08 –   Bowl 19 cm »RORO«

– 08 – Bowl 19 cm »RORO«

– 09 –   Teapot 6 pers.

– 09 – Teapot 6 pers.

have transformed Walter Gropius’ original drawing into a contemporary design. It complements all components of the TAC range and its various forms are easy to combine.

– Ewelina Wisniowska (*1986) completed her studies at the Royal College of Art in London in 2014, where she received a Master’s in Ceramics & Glass. She has obtained practical experience at the Queensberry Hunt design studio and as assistant to the ceramics artist Katherine Morling. For Rosenthal, Ewelina Wisniowska designed the Palazzo RORO design for the TAC range. The designer lives and works in London.

Architectural history on a plate

When Walter Gropius came up with the Bauhaus-style pigsty, he could not have envisaged that his drawing would end up on a plate as a decoration – modified and given an abstract feel by the designer Ewelina Wisniowska.

[Gropius goes Rosenthal]