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It is an autumn day in Selb.
Joachim Baldauf is taking.
photographs. Captured by his
lens are Rosenthal workers,
models Diana and Frank
pieces made of porcelain and
glass, Schloss Erkersreuth
and the Rosenthal am Rotbühl.

Reason for the
photo shoot
The anniversary publication to
mark the 100th birthday of Philip

The leaves are beginning to change colour but the grass is still green when photographer Joachim Baldauf and his team of 15 assistants, stylists and make-up artists get to work on an October day in Selb.

His job is to put the Rosenthal anniversary collection in the limelight whilst also attempting to capture the wonderful personality of Philip Rosenthal in a series of photographs.

Joachim Baldauf is fascinated
by Philip Rosenthal.

„I think he was a fascinating
person as he was both eccentric
and down-to-

Those polar
opposites are also the
Ausgangspunkt des
inspiration for the
photographic concept.

„I would like
to show
all sides
of Philip

says the photographer, who flits
effortlessly between freelance
photography, fashion photography
and portraiture – and also works internationally.



The baroque castle „Schloss Erkersreuth“ located in the vicinity of Selb – which was once Philip Rosenthal‘s home – boasts an interior filled with extravagant furniture, designer pieces and works of art, making it the ideal stage for a photo shoot. Also because the castle features an enchanted garden with a greenhouse in the style of Buckminster Fuller. The elaborate photography production for the anniversary publication is being staged both here and at the Rosenthal am Rothbühl porcelain factory, which was designed by Walter Gropius at the end of the 1960s. The two very contradictory places form the ideal backdrop for the products and are also closely connected with Rosenthal‘s history. They reflect the multi-faceted personality of Philip Rosenthal and his creative visions, too. To prepare for the photo shoot, the photographer travelled to Selb himself to have a look at both the locations and the products being featured in the anniversary collection. Even the models are carefully selected. They are meant to have character but should not be too young.

Schloss Erkersreuth

„I tried to imagine
which models,
Philip Rosenthal
is likely to have
chosen for a photo

It was clear to
me that it had
to be people
who are both
eccentric and
elegant at the
same time“,

says Joachim

A nice anecdote
on the side
The model featured on the photos is also a designer.
It is Diana Dietrich, who together
with her partner Emmanuel Dietrich designed
the Rosenthal furniture collection.



Joachim Baldauf captures the spirit of the sixties – when Philip Rosenthal set the porcelain industry abuzz with his groundbreaking ideas – in the most beautiful of ways. In colour and in black-and-white. The models are dressed in Italian couture of the season that always ties in with the Rosenthal pieces. Diana Dietrich, for example, looks the spitting image of Barbarella with big hair, a white mini-skirt and leather boots – in front of a wall of porcelain plates. She is elegantly holding in her hand the porcelain vase Dagg, which is filled with thick droplets made of glass.

pigs in the
are the
piglets on

The friendly pig Moritz is enjoying looking at the cute porcelain pigs designed by Sebastian Herkner at the entrance of Schloss Erkersreuth in front of a series of original plates by HAP Grieshaber, with his trotters sinking into a fluffy carpet.


RORO Collection

Nightingale lamp-object Bordeaux

Nightingale lamp-object Bordeaux

The male model Frank, on the other hand, looks cool in a bright poloneck jumper standing in front of a piece of porcelain art by Victor Vasarely. The model, who is in his mid-fifties and sports a moustache, is holding a cup from the Maria range in his hand. In another photo, he is wearing black glasses and a coat nipped in at the waist, and is casually carrying a vase by Cédric Ragot under his arm.

Schloss Erkersreuth

The scenarios that Joachim Baldauf creates with his photos are all like this, or very similar. The Rosenthal products are always in focus and represented in bold graphic style – from porcelain objects and pieces of art made of glass to sofas, tables and chairs. They naturally blend into the backdrops used in the photo shoot in an illustration of what Philip Rosenthal knew to be right: architecture, design and art becoming one.

So what is the photographer's

„The more
time I spend
the more
I would have
liked to
have gotten
know him“