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and they keep on ticking

They are quite possibly the smallest and most fragile items that Rosenthal manufactures: watch faces made of porcelain for its own wristwatch collection. On our tour of the production facility in Selb, we saw slips, spray guns, screen printing and patient hands.


– Selb

Watch faces on wristwatches need to be fairly robust and durable. Porcelain, which is a hard and resistant material (and also attractive to boot), is perfect for this. So why not utilise the full range of cumulative expertise in Selb and design a complete watch collection? Rosenthal had this thought and set to work.

The watch faces for the wristwatches are manufactured as custom-made items at the am Rothbühl factory in Selb – with a great deal of hard work and craftsmanship. There are several designs, which are all united by a certain elegance. Some of the watch faces have a simple design, some of them feature porcelain droplets, and some of them are adorned with gold and silver appliqués. Combining them with rosé-coloured, yellow gold or stainless steel watch casings and coloured leather and textile wristbands creates a wide range of looks.

The manufacturing process for the round, extremely delicate watch faces is similar to that used for other porcelain items. First, a ceramic slip is cast in a plaster mould using a spray gun and, once it has dried, the blank watch face piece is coated with a transparent white glaze. Then it undergoes the first firing process at 1,400°C, which turns the surface of the watch face shiny. Then it’s time for the precision work. After all, the diameter and the hole openings for the watch hands have to be just right so that the watch face can be inserted into the watch casing. Before this, the varying decorative images and patterns with the Rosenthal logo are applied to the porcelain surface – with the help of screen printing. This is followed by a second firing process at 840°C, which is known as decoration firing. Only after all of these time-consuming production steps, interim checks and an extensive final inspection can we be sure that the watches will keep on ticking (and ticking and ticking).

The wonder

of porcelain

Wristwatches need to be robust and long-lasting, which is why hard, resistant porcelain is an extremely suitable material for the production of watch faces.


It is a piece of jewellery
– for women and men alike.

It is a functional object – for every day and every occasion. It is long-lasting and robust. It is well-designed and gives us pleasure. Every one of Rosenthal’s wristwatches is an all-rounder and stylish to boot. And what‘s more, the watch faces are handmade from an unusual material: porcelain. Sometimes kept extremely simple with a smooth surface. Sometimes very sensuous with tiny droplets that have been worked into the porcelain. The white of the watch face is contemporarily combined with a pink-coloured, yellow gold or stainless steel casing. With a brown, black or white leather strap. Countless possible combinations create an unusual wristwatch.

– 01 –   Watch 3021-1

– 01 – Watch 3021-1

– 02 –   Watch 3061-4

– 02 – Watch 3061-4

– 03 –   Watch 3025-4

– 03 – Watch 3025-4

– 04 –   Watch 3027-4

– 04 – Watch 3027-4

– 05 –   Watch 3031-5

– 05 – Watch 3031-5

– 06 –   Watch 3027-1

– 06 – Watch 3027-1

– 07 –   Watch 3061-1

– 07 – Watch 3061-1

– 08 –   Watch 3023-1

– 08 – Watch 3023-1

– 09 –   Watch 3023-5

– 09 – Watch 3023-5